7 Effective Strategies for Improving Your Business SEO

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Right this moment, somewhere nearby, a perfect prospective customer is searching on Google for answers to a problem that you can solve. Is your business going to appear in the results they see? That all depends on the quality of your search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re frustrated because you’re not appearing on page one of Google, the following eight expert tips will help, and the quickest way to see them implemented is with the help of SEO marketing services. 

8 Effective Strategies for Improving Your Business SEO

1. Optimize Your Website and Content for Mobile 

These days, we’re all so dependent on our smartphones for daily living that some say we’ve practically turned into androids. Mobile phones have certainly become our number one solution-finding tool (at least until we’re using computer chips in our brains to search Google).

For everyday internet usage, smartphones have long ago taken over laptops, desktops, and anything else with a big screen. Over 60% of all Google searches today are carried out on smartphones. This rises to 72% for food and beverage-related searches. 

How Mobile Optimization Helps Your Google SEO

With these statistics in mind, it’s absolutely critical that any business has a website that’s optimized for mobile searches. This means your pages are easy and pleasant to read, navigate, and make purchases on via smartphone, all with a few swipes and taps of a fingertip. 

Mobile optimization helps your SEO rankings because Google can tell when a searcher enjoys their mobile-based experience on your website. If a visitor stays for a while, browses a few pages, and orders your product, Google knows you’re offering a high-quality solution and rewards you with a better ranking for the relevant search term. 

2. Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Page

If your business has local clients looking for a local solution, as most small businesses do, then Google My Business may be your biggest SEO asset. Once you’ve registered a Google My Business page and filled in the details, you’ll appear on Google Maps when people search for your services. 

You also stand a good chance of appearing in the three prioritized results at the very top of normal Google search results. You can see this in action right now if you search for “printer near me” or “florist in Jacksonville” or “(your business) in (your town).” You’ll see three businesses displayed prominently at the top of page one. 

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Many businesses register their Google My Business page, but few take the time to optimize their page. That’s bad news for them as they’re leaving money on the table, but it’s fantastic for you, as with a little work, you can climb your listing onto page one for local searches in your town. 

First and foremost, put some attractive pictures onto your listing. Fill out all your business information and write a really attractive description of what you offer. Take the time to cultivate positive reviews; ask happy customers to leave a review on Google after purchasing from you. Study the Google My Business listings of your local competitors and think of how you can make your listing even better than theirs. 

3. Create a Strong Content-Publishing Strategy

The more of a presence your business has online, the more likely Google and prospective customers are to find you and buy from you. The most effective way to grow your online presence is with a long-term content-publishing strategy. Whatever product or service you sell, your prospective customers are out there searching for information about the product and related topics. 

Use your specialist knowledge to help them out by answering their questions in your blog articles, Facebook posts, TikTok videos, Tweets, or Instagram pictures. Find out where your customers are hanging out online, and post content to those platforms. Join groups and become active, helpful, and well-reputed in their communities. Recognition, likes, and shares will follow, as will Google rankings, traffic to your website, and a steady flow of high-quality leads. 

4. Post Content As Regularly as the Ticking of a Clock

In our hectic modern lives, many people crave the order provided by consistency. Think of the content creators you love who put out posts, articles, or videos with a regular and dependable rhythm. How strange would it be if they suddenly stopped posting for a week or two? How soon would you forget about them as fresh content from other creators comes flooding into your life?

Success with SEO requires long-term commitment and consistency, so set up a schedule for creating and posting content and then stick to that schedule like glue come rain or shine. That way, your target audience will find you and stay with you. They’ll grow to enjoy and rely on your content and won’t want to miss it. And the regular attention and interaction these budding fans provide will show Google that your content is worth sharing. 

5. Target Detailed Keywords Your Customers Are Searching For

It’s a common and understandable error for small business owners to struggle to rank in Google for the shortest, biggest keywords in their industry. But if you can target long-tail keywords for burning questions that your customers are searching for, it’s far far far easier to rank in Google because there’s less competition. These long-tail keywords are also often buying keywords, or at least pre-buying keywords, meaning the customer will soon be ready to take out their credit card. 

To illustrate, a dentistry clinic would have a very hard time competing to rank for the keyword, “dentist.” They’d have an easier time creating content to provide a wonderful answer to the keyword, “What should I do if my wisdom tooth hurts?” This very specific, longer keyword has fewer people searching per month in Google, but it’s highly targeted, and a dentist could target dozens or hundreds of keywords like this every month with ease. 

6. Post Content That Helps Your Customers Sleep at Night

Think about the problems that keep your customers up at night, then provide really good answers to those problems. Our theoretical dentist’s customer with an aching wisdom tooth is a good example of this. Every customer in every industry has problems causing just as much pain. 

An accountant’s customer might be confused and scared by new tax law changes. A pest control firm’s customer might have one type of insect that causes them nightmares. Talk to your customers, research online, take note of what people are complaining about in forums and Facebook groups, find out these burning problems, then create articles, videos, and social media posts providing the solution. Both Google and your audience will reward you for it.  

7. Post Topical Content: Join the Conversation

Your aim with content creation should be to become seen as a local authority in your industry. One fantastic way to achieve this is to keep your finger on the pulse of news and events in your industry and give your perspective on everything that happens. 

You can comment on both little local events and larger national or global news. Over time, your customers will come to see you as a dependable local expert who can help them understand what’s happening in your industry. Google will also view you as such and give your pages a nice boost up the rankings. 

8. Hire SEO Marketing Services To Help

As with most areas of business, the quickest shortcut to SEO success is almost always with the assistance of an expert. A seasoned SEO marketing services firm with a strong track record can help you optimize your website, set up a Google My Business page, and plan, schedule, and manage a top-notch content marketing campaign.  

If you’d like a hand boosting your SEO results, contact Next Level Media Crew today for a free discovery call and SEO analysis of your business. With turn-key SEO-optimized websites and cutting-edge strategies, we can help you attain the rankings, traffic, and sales you desire. 

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