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Why Home Services?

“It’s important to place top professionals in front of the homeowners who need them. Connecting real people to the professional that can deliver is extremely competitive and fun. Each day new people have new problems and are actively searching for a company to hire. For consumers, it can be difficult finding someone trustworthy, honest, and who backs up all of their claims. We’re completely exclusive by industry and bring our clients to the top of the local market so homeowners always see them first.”

Steve Jurich


Profitability First

Using our profitability equation, we isolate the best opportunities for your business and design campaigns that convert new clients.

Win the Race

Claim and convert top prospects and set your business apart. Each day people with new problems search for the right service provider to solve them. 


Smart Strategy

Isolate your most profitable offers and services to build specific campaigns that convert at 20% or more and fuel your lead growth and profits.


Inspire Confidence

Your landing pages are a clients first experience with your business. This is the first opportunity to create confidence in your service and team.


Investable Profits

Make your online advertising investable with reliable return. We’ll build a system that allows you to invest in your advertising and scale your profits.

No Crazy Claims, Just Crazy Results

(And we’re a little crazy too)

NLV­™ Example: Home Services Provider Google Ad Campaign Result
Profitability metrics vary by Industry. All campaigns are developed and optimized based on profitability.

“Steve, Katie and everyone at Next Level Video are absolutely terrific. They are consummate professionals and experts in the video/PPC industry. They are always very thorough, innovative, and proactive on getting our campaigns optimized for top-notch results. Furthermore, their willingness to handle emergency issues any time of day is unprecedented. I’ve been with many PPC companies through the years and it’s very refreshing to work with someone that actually cares about the performance and follows it up with real data!”

Michael Moffett
CEO, Moffett Plumbing & Air in Orange County, CA


Keep the Phones Ringing


Improve PPC Call Quality


Increase Profits


Build Reputation


Get Qualified Prospects


Earn Respect


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What Our Clients Can Expect

Campaign Opportunities

Reviewing your profitability opportunities and current campaigns, we'll figure out the best profitability opportunity to focus on first. This will stand as the foundation of your profit growth.

Profitability Formula

Combining search data and detailed profitability calculations based on your real closing and booking metrics, we'll use our profitability equation to confirm the campaign goal is achievable.

Clear Strategy

Because we understand your profitability and lead goals, we'll create a custom strategy to deliver you the growth you're looking for. Over time we'll keep our profitability equation updated for each campaign we run.

Curious if this is a good fit for your business?

Google Ads Conversion Rates Done Correctly

When we say conversion rates from 10-50% on winning campaigns people tend to look at us and blink for a few seconds processing that. It sounds crazy to most people because they haven't achieved that in their marketing before. Just because you haven't experienced it before, doesn't mean it's not possible.

In the photo you see a list of winning ad groups from a winning campaign and its associated landing pages. There is a process we go through to achieve this and it doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen consistently.

At Next Level™, you get a team that's dedicated to maximizing your R.O.I. and getting the most out of the ad spend. We're not budget people, we're data people. We give you the confidence to scale your quality lead generation to whatever level you want for your business.

This partnership is exclusive, so your competitors won't stand a chance.

Who We Serve

Trades Service Providers

Good, fast, or cheap... You don't get all three. We like to help quality and efficiency focused businesses find clients that will end up being thrilled with the service they receive. The stronger the reviews and the better the R.O.I. means that we can create lasting growth and consistent results.

Industry Leaders

If your goal is to be at or near the top of your industry and become a house hold name, then you could be a great fit. Since we deliver quality leads, it's important that our client's systems are figured out and optimized. They need to be tracking R.O.I. data accurately, converting leads into clients, and crushing it on the job.

Client First Culture

We understand that companies have a bottom line and that is always on any entrepreneur's mind. That being said, we build the best relationships with companies that share our care and concern for our clients. If your clients and their families matter A LOT to you, then we'll get along great.

Goal Driven Companies

If you're just looking for a few new leads... Then we won't be a great fit. Our clients tend to want to double, triple, or 10x their Revenue over the next 2 to 5 years. Considering that most of our clients first start working with us when they're at the $4 to $20 Million in yearly revenue, those are some serious goals. That's who we like to work with.

Looking for Growth and Predictable Scaling?