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Is it Magic or Science? Actually it’s a Bit of Both…

A successful direct response advertising campaign isn’t a result of good luck and it’s not just a result of boring technical mumbo jumbo. At Next Level Media Crew, we first work to understand what type of business our clients want more of. Whether that be Drain Cleaning, Water Heaters, New AC Unit Installs, or anything else that results in high profits, we work to figure out how people who need these services search and work to get in front of them in their time of need. We map out and continuously improve the client journey making sure we meet people exactly where they are.

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Scaling With Confidence is Now Possible

There are millions of searches daily that are “relevant” to your business… But the reality is that only a small percentage of them are truly qualified leads that are willing to pay top dollar for your services. As technology improves it’s getting easier to weed out the unqualified leads, but without intelligent landing pages you will always struggle to convert top prospects into clients. At Next Level Media Crew we go the extra mile and create service and search specific landing pages that actually work and INCREASE trust. Oh, and our pages convert at 20% or higher as a result. Consistent results allows you to invest and scale your profits with confidence.

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Specific is Terrific

Let’s be real for a moment… While your team is extremely skilled and can fix or replace just about anything in your industry, there are some services that really help you GROW your profits and some services that just kind of get in the way. It’s just the fact of the situation. You have specialties (or at the very least things you want to do more of). Rather than taking an overly broad approach and hoping that one of the random search terms that your ads show for will be your perfect client… Why not just make sure you rank for EVERY specific search that has a high likelihood of delivering you a perfect client? That’s our approach and that’s why our campaigns result in more consistent results and profits. It’s not an accident. It’s a strategy.

Team Leaders

Steven Roderick Jurich

Call him “Steve” | Co-Founder, CEO
Steve was born in Scottsdale, AZ. He grew up with a strong imagination and a competitive spirit. All the way through college, he played basketball at a high level, achieving All American status multiple times. He understands that winning takes more than just effort… Winning is a result of a well executed strategy.

Steve has passion and a heart for people and their stories. He believes that each person has value and wants to get to know them. He’s a long time entrepreneur (starting his first business in high school) and loves the opportunity that the free market brings to business. He specifically loves the ability it gives to help others and influence their lives for the better through the powers of sustainable business.

Steve gives his time and energy serving people where he can. He enjoys helping to feed the homeless and the sick as well as assist organizations who do the same. He truly admires others who have a real heart for helping people and are called to a specific passion.

Katie Kristina Jurich

Call her “Katie” | COO
Katie Jurich was raised in Northern California and grew up onstage. Between dance competitions, community theatre, high school plays, and her high school dance team, she has always loved everything that has to do with the arts. After high school, Katie switched gears and studied Apparel Marketing and Design at Cal State Sacramento, where she earned her Bachelor degree. It was through this that she learned valuable skills such as color theory, design, and styling. Katie continues to perform today in musical theatre productions in Southern California and the Phoenix Valley. She loves staying active, going on adventures with her husband, and trying new food.

Katie loves connecting with people and has found that advertising & social media are a great way to do exactly that. With the advancements of the internet and social media, we live in a time where it is easier and easier to connect with people all over the world. Katie studies this connection and how to use these platforms to connect people in need with the service providers that can help them.

Rhys Waite

Call him “Rise” (Like Sunrise) | Production Manager
Rhys was born and raised in Los Angeles and has passionately loved movies and desired to be a part of making them for as long as he can remember. He has studied cinema and obtained his AA degree from Los Angeles City College as well as his BA in cinematic arts from Cal State Los Angeles, and has worked on countless short films, commercials and corporate productions in his neary decade long career.

Throughout this time, Rhys has maintained a strong focus and specialization in the lighting and camera departments and loves the creativity, active energy, and ever changing nature of working on film sets. No two days (or two shoots, for that matter) are ever the same, and Rhys looks forward to every production as an opportunity to grow by meeting new people, solving new problems, and helping tell stories which impact and affect the world around him for the better.

Rhys is a hard worker with a can-do attitude and knows how to keep the pace up in order to manage a successful production.

Nathan McGuire

Call him “Nate-dog” (Actually, just Nathan) | Cinematographer
Nathan grew up in Sacramento with a computer at his fingertips for as long as he could remember. He’s always been attracted to experiencing new stories and environments through games and films.
Unsurprisingly, his focus in school was Film and Computer Science – hoping to one day work in fields that build worlds for people to walk through and experience.

Nathan’s work has always been detail-oriented, and it’s been his focus to help create an experience for others to wander into. He’s shot projects for various companies like Vogue, Google, Taco Bell, and many others, bringing whatever he has available to the table. While shooting everything from commercials to documentaries, he builds games with a small team as a side hustle, keeping full focus on the audiences’ perspectives, whatever the medium.

Production is about designing, building, and executing. Nathan is passionate about all three, and does what he can to be helpful at any stage of the process. Small details are big to him, and keeping the bar held high is something that he believes is worth the extra effort.