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Team Member Opportunities


Media Buyer

We’re looking for a new media buyer to train and grow to become a true asset to our team. Tasks would include ad management on various platforms, campaign creation, R.O.I. tracking, and data analysis.



We’re looking for team members to create content for our client campaigns regularly. They’ll be delivered video footage, photos, etc. on a regular basis and will work to make the best material based on the outline. Experience in editing and photo software required. Some training will be given to sync up the team.


Web Designer / Developer

We’re looking for a web designer / developer to create and design landing pages on a regular basis. Training is available and some learning curve is expected.


Project Manager

We’re looking for a project manager to keep the team on task and manage communication to our clients. This person will act as the liaison between the team and the client as well as manage team projects and objectives.



We’re looking for a Cinematographer to go on set either solo or managing a small team to get all necessary content for our client campaigns. Creativity will be necessary as they’ll be following an outline to be delivering the best content possible on time and on budget.



We’re looking for a creative copywriter to create and test content for continued campaign growth. Some level of training will be part of this, but a passion for creating ad, email, video, and landing page copy that converts is a key attribute.

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