Email Marketing

Drive new sales and cross-sales while increasing the strength of your client relationships with email.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Some Like Hot Leads

A hot lead is a lead that has already done business with you in the past. They’ve taken the leap and paid you for your services already… That’s the most challenging first step for every industry.

This is where Email Marketing comes into play.

You use email marketing to introduce new products or special offers to people who are already pre-qualified and know who you are. This keeps you top of mind and in front of your audience so the moment they need something that you offer, they don’t have to search. They just call you.

Email Marketing Essentials

If you want to drive more sales and stay top of mind with your audience, then here are some to keep in mind.

1: People Forget

Don’t take it personal, but people forget who you are. Even the clients that had the best possible experience with you could easily forget your name. People have busy lives, and usually only enough room in their head for the people they see regularly. This is one great way to use email, staying top of mind.

2: People Get Distracted

Many great marketing campaigns have died simply because there wasn’t enough follow-up. The thing is, sometimes people love what they are seeing, but then get some sort of emergency call that pulls them away from the action they were about to take. This is why we need to stay in front of your target audience.

3: People Hesitate

A lot of business owners are go-getters. So they tend to forget that not everyone is like them. Actually, most people are afraid to make the WRONG decision… So they hesitate. This is where email is great. You can make sure people receive emails that are different, so they address different objections and concerns to reduce hesitation.

4: Nurture Your Client List

The emails don’t all have to be perfect, but they do have to be FREQUENT. If you are not staying in front of your clients, they you’re losing standing in their mind. You must nurture your list. Make sure not every email they receive is a sales email. Use your emails to give value to your clients, rather than ask for stuff from them. This will make sure that people open your emails more.

Our Process

1. Build

We build all the materials you need to start seeing ROI as fast as possible. Speed and Quality are our friends.

2. Launch

This is where the fun begins. We track and adjust hundreds of different metrics to optimize for profit.

3. Scale

The best marketing systems give clear results that enable you to make decisions with confidence.

Email Marketing FAQs

Q: How Many Emails Should I send Per Month?

This depends on your industry. But for most service companies that have special offers, I would say at least 2 per month, if not 1 per week. Each month should have a focus that works with your offer.

If you’re selling products, you can follow a similar schedule. Too much can get you ignored quickly. The only exception to this is when your sales or deals are in their last moments. You may want to send out 1 per day and 1 in the last hour to get the most sales.

Q: What email software should I use?

There are a few good ones out there. A lot of people use Mailchimp and Active Campaign. We use Active Campaign ourselves.

Q: How do I get more people to open my emails?

Open rates matter. They are a great indicator of how well seasoned your list is. If your open rates are low, then most of the people in your list don’t find your content valuable, though it’s important to note that your content may actually be valuable. It may not be a content problem, it could be a problem with your subject line.

Many of the most valuable emails in the world never get seen because their subject line is too generic. It must feel like if they don’t open the email, they will miss out on something. This is called FOMO or fear of missing out.

Online Marketing Keys

Every online marketing system should handle these three things:

  1. Attracting New Clients
  2. Securing Repeat Business
  3. Generating Qualified Referrals

If your marketing feels stale and you would prefer to have an experienced team handle it all for you so you can focus on growing your business, then I invite you to schedule a strategy call today.

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