Reputation Growth

Earn more reviews and help new prospects feel better about their choice to work with you.

How Much do Reviews Matter?

Trust is King

How important a review is depends on your business. For contractors and home services, Google reviews are one of the most important assets in your marketing arsenal.

For companies that sell products, product reviews on the landing pages for your products are typically the best route… And the more the merrier.

Reviews are one form of verification. People will not just take your word for it—you must earn that privilege. In some industries, there is nothing stronger than a good review or testimonial.

Reputation Growth Essentials

If you want to increase the amount of reviews you receive in order to increase the performance of your marketing campaigns, then follow these steps.

1: Reviews for Fast Decisions

Fast decisions are usually associated with obvious pains or problems. Think of things like an overflowing toilet. The most important thing is that someone you trust to do the job right shows up as quickly as possible. In these instances, people will usually glance through multiple reviews. Access to these reviews needs to be simple, like Amazon.

2: Reviews for Slow Decisions

People who are making big, potentially life-altering decisions are going to put in the research before they act. They will likely read just about every review, looking for the one that they identify the most with. Also, they will be looking for reviews they feel like they can trust. Text-only reviews may be more challenging if not accompanied by at least a few video reviews.

3: The Platform to Focus On

For fast decisions, Google Reviews are king. The more google reviews you have the more trustworthy you seem. It’s really that simple. But make sure you aren’t purchasing fake reviews… People can tell.

For slow decisions, your website is usually the best place. Google can still matter, but really that’s for businesses that have offices.

4: Video Reviews

Usually the best form and most trusted form of video reviews are the ones that seem the least professional. If it looks like a client picked up their phone and shared their experience because they wanted to, that’s the best you can hope for. Professional reviews do still have their place, but with how easy it is to record a selfie video, your clients can just send them to you. They can easily be edited into some sort of highlight real as well.

Our Process

1. Build

We build all the materials you need to start seeing ROI as fast as possible. Speed and Quality are our friends.

2. Launch

This is where the fun begins. We track and adjust hundreds of different metrics to optimize for profit.

3. Scale

The best marketing systems give clear results that enable you to make decisions with confidence.

Reputation Growth FAQs

Q: I offer a fast decision service. How many Google Reviews Do I need?

The more the merier.

But for more clear metrics. Your first goal is 100. Then 500. Then 1000. Then 5000+.

Once you get to 5000+ there are diminishing returns, but you should still be collecting them.

Q: What about Yelp?

Yelp is usually where people go to complain about stuff. People trust it less because of how they show competitor ads on people’s profile. It’s confusing. Also, it seems that 5 star reviews magically disappear when people stop paying for their advertising. It’s questionable and better to focus on Google Reviews. If you’re a restaurant, it’s still a solid place, but it’s typically not the best place to stare or focus on now-a-days.

Q: People aren’t leaving reviews after service appointments. What do I do?

Are your technicians asking them to leave a review? If not, problem one. Problem two would be to assume that people know how to leave reviews without your assistance. Most people don’t. There is software that can help with this, but your technicians can just show them quickly on their phone. Basically opening it up for them to take action.

Online Marketing Keys

Every online marketing system should handle these three things:

  1. Attracting New Clients
  2. Securing Repeat Business
  3. Generating Qualified Referrals

If your marketing feels stale and you would prefer to have an experienced team handle it all for you so you can focus on growing your business, then I invite you to schedule a strategy call today.

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