Video Production

Better Conversion Rates mean lower ad costs and more profitable ROI.

Is Video Really Worth It?

Pay Less For Ads

The higher your conversion rates the less you’ll typically pay per lead. It allows you to get more leads for the same dollar. Video helps with this.

If you think that video’s not worth it, then you are missing out higher conversion rates. The reality is that people who just end up on your website out of the blue have no way of VISUALLY VERIFYING that you actually do what you say you do. People don’t inherently trust things they see online—you must earn their trust. Video helps you to do that, which is why it improves conversion rates.

Video Production Essentials

If you like paying less for qualified leads, then follow these video tips.

1: People are Visual

Every tried to tell someone about this CRAZY thing that happened to you only to watch your story fall flat? Well you probably said, “I guess you had to see it.”

2: People are Skeptical

People don’t just believe your claims. Visual confirmation that you do what you say you do helps improve your conversion rates A LOT. You can see a conversion rate improvement of up to 80% with video.

3: People Are Lazy

Let’s be honest here—most people avoid reading whenever they can. YouTube is the second largest search engine because it’s much faster to watch a video on something than to try to dig through an article.

4: Action & Emotion

People take action based on emotion and justify it later with logic. Logic isn’t how you make sales. A video helps people feel the right emotions they need to be feeling to be in a buying state of mind.

Our Process

1. Build

We build all the materials you need to start seeing ROI as fast as possible. Speed and Quality are our friends.

2. Launch

This is where the fun begins. We track and adjust hundreds of different metrics to optimize for profit.

3. Scale

The best marketing systems give clear results that enable you to make decisions with confidence.

Video Production FAQs

Q: How much do videos cost?

This depends on the video. Some videos, like client reviews (recorded as a selfie) are virtually free. Big fancy TV commercials can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s most important to focus on just doing the things you need without the fluff if you’re just getting started.

Q: What types of videos do you recommend?

Client Testimonial Videos, Video Business Cards, Service Videos, and Offer Videos are usually a good place to start.

Also, for the home service industry, you should just be recording videos of you doing work or taking selfies with clients for posting on social media.

Q: Should I autoplay my videos?

This depends on the type of business you have. If you have a fast decision making business, like plumbing, garage door, HVAC, etc., then Autoplay (sound off) is your best friend.

We’ve actually done numerous tests both ways. We found that over 50% of people would watch the video to the end on a landing page if they didn’t have to click it to start it.

For slow decision making businesses, click to play or even an opt-in funnel is typically the best way to go.

Online Marketing Keys

Every online marketing system should handle these three things:

  1. Attracting New Clients
  2. Securing Repeat Business
  3. Generating Qualified Referrals

If your marketing feels stale and you would prefer to have an experienced team handle it all for you so you can focus on growing your business, then I invite you to schedule a strategy call today.

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