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Be perceived as the undeniable expert in your field by remaining relevant in the live’s of those you can help.

Should You Have a YouTube Channel?

Well, That Depends

Is it essential that people view you as an undeniable expert in your industry? If so, there is a lot of merit to a YouTube Channel for your business.

The real question is: is a YouTube Channel the right place for me to START. For some business, yes. For others, there are better starting options. This depends on your industry and your target market.

YouTube Essentials

If you want to be viewed as an undeniable expert in your industry, then follow these YouTube tips.

1: Know Your Market

The size of your channel doesn’t matter as much for businesses. You’re not trying to be a full time YouTuber. What you need are videos that match with what your target market is regularly looking for help with.

2: Release Content Regularly

Staying active on your YouTube Channel does matter. You don’t have to post daily, but a few videos per month would be great. You can record them in one monthly burst, then release them on a schedule.

3: Make it Interesting

People watch interesting videos longer. Make sure the videos aren’t about you and get to the point. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that probably have valuable information that almost no-one has ever seen because it’s buried behind boring stuff.

4: Common Pains & Problems

Struggling to think of content that your audience would like? Well, start by just point out common pains, problems, and mistakes. People hate pain, they hate problems, and they hate making mistakes that end up hurting them. Help them avoid that.

Our Process

1. Build

We build all the materials you need to start seeing ROI as fast as possible. Speed and Quality are our friends.

2. Launch

This is where the fun begins. We track and adjust hundreds of different metrics to optimize for profit.

3. Scale

The best marketing systems give clear results that enable you to make decisions with confidence.

YouTube Organic FAQs

Q: How often should I post?

We like to recommend at least once per week. The trick is to record them in a burst and then release them on a schedule. That way you’re not missing recording sessions.

Q: How does a YouTube Channel make me money?

People go to YouTube to better understand their problem. Sure some people will try to fix it themselves, but many people don’t have the time. Those people will just call you if you prompt them to just that.

Q: How do I get people to watch my videos?

YouTube is a search engine. So your content must be relevant to the correct searches. Plus, it must be something that people watch longer than other videos. Basically, make sure your content is interesting and focused on its purpose.

Online Marketing Keys

Every online marketing system should handle these three things:

  1. Attracting New Clients
  2. Securing Repeat Business
  3. Generating Qualified Referrals

If your marketing feels stale and you would prefer to have an experienced team handle it all for you so you can focus on growing your business, then I invite you to schedule a strategy call today.

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