Six Ways to Incorporate Branding in Your Online Marketing

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Your company’s brand does more than tell customers about your company culture and products – it can also help you reach your target audience with niche advertising. But how can you incorporate branding into your online marketing strategy? From your website to your paid advertisements, here are a few ways to use branding successfully.

Seven Ways to Incorporate Branding in Your Online Marketing

1. Build a Branded Website

The first way to bake branding into your online marketing strategy is to build a branded website. Branded websites are the best way to kickstart an effective digital marketing strategy because websites will focus equally on brand marketing and brand messaging. A branded website is one of the best ways to increase conversions and reduced wasted ad spending.

When you work with a website design team to build a branded website, you can trust in the performance of the market-proven design. All of the UX choices made for your website will improve the user experience, help customers navigate to relevant web pages more easily, and keep your business growing. The key to a successful branded website is digital analytics that identify which metrics are performing best so you can refine your marketing system.

2. Focus On Your Brand Personality

It’s important to match your branding to the personality of your company. Your company personality will encompass the overall attitude, approachability, and professionalism your company aims to have. One of the easy ways to do this is to be creative when you are naming your products or services. The more unique you can be, the more personality your brand will have.

In terms of the written content on your social media pages or your website, the written copy should also have plenty of personality. Add personality by using humor, wit, puns, or pop culture references. Using certain keywords or key phrases throughout your online content can also add additional personality to the overall brand.

Why Your Brand Personality Attracts Your Audience

The personality of your brand is essential if you want to attract your target audience. Customers are more likely to remember brands that are packed full of personality, such as by having products named after pop culture references. If you can tailor the personality of your brand through written content, you will be able to target your desired demographic directly. The personality of your brand can shine through written content by using certain tones of voice, slang, and other writing choices that make your content more niche.

3. Apply Your Brand Logo and Slogan Everywhere

Customers tend to respond more favorably to simple, streamlined designs with one to three colors. It’s best to avoid being overly complicated since this may make it more difficult for customers to recall your brand. Similarly, your slogan should be a short and simple phrase that sums up the products you offer or your company culture.

You will need to apply your brand logo and slogan everywhere. Your brand logo should be added to your website, social media pages, advertising campaigns, promotional emails, and products. When possible, you should add the slogan for your company to major online pages, such as the bio for your social media accounts or the homepage of your website. By having your logo and slogan everywhere, you can create more consistency for your company, which will make your business more memorable for customers.

4. Make Your Brand Advertising Unique

The advertising for your brand should also be unique. Whether you are making social media posts or designing your paid advertising, it’s important to use consistent colors, text styles, and filters to create brand consistency. Preferably, your advertising should echo your brand personality since unique advertising can make your brand stand out more. A company that has a humourous or tongue-in-cheek personality may advertise by posting memes on social media accounts.

Why Paid Advertising Works

Paid advertising is one of the most fool-proof online advertising tools. Using special algorithms, you can ensure your advertisements are seen by your target audience. Paid advertising is so effective because it can generate quality traffic to your website, boost your conversion rates, and optimize your ROI for your advertising budget.

5. Create Consistent Visual Branding

Humans are visual creatures. People are far more likely to recall pictures and logos than they are to recall words verbatim, which is why video advertising is becoming a more popular method for online advertising campaigns. To incorporate your branding more effectively, it’s important to create a consistent visual brand that you can apply to all of your web pages, social media accounts, and advertising campaigns.

Consistent visual branding typically refers to the schemes used for all of your advertising campaigns. Some companies may prefer to use minimalist color schemes and filters, while others may prefer to use brighter or louder color schemes for picture and video advertising. Your visual branding efforts should ultimately reflect the personality or culture of your company.

Why Consistency Is Key

Consistency is an important element for building any brand because a consistent design is easier for people to recall. For visual branding, the consistency of your web pages and your advertisement will speak directly to the overall vibe of your company. Furthermore, consistency in your branding efforts can help customers place more trust in your business.

6. Develop Brand Social Media Personas

The personas used for each of your social media accounts may need to be tailored to target specific audiences that use different social media platforms. While users on some social media platforms tend to be younger, users on other platforms may have a more mixed demographic. The demographic of your target audience on each social media platform will influence the best way to communicate with potential customers.

The way you design the persona for each of your social media accounts will depend directly on your target audience. Users on Instagram and TikTok may respond more favorably to younger or more relaxed-sounding personas, whereas users on Facebook or LinkedIn may respond to slightly more professional personalities.

7. Diversify Your Brand Accounts and Websites

Finally, you may want to diversify your brand accounts and website. Aside from having an account for every social media platform, if you have enough products or services, you may want to have a unique account for each of your target demographics. A company that has products designed for each gender may want to have separate accounts that are designed to appeal to each unique customer base. A sister site for specific products or services can also serve the same purpose.

Why Multiple Accounts or Websites Can Increase Success

Aside from tailoring your advertising efforts and being able to audit website traffic, multiple accounts can simplify the customer experience since the customer can go directly to product or service web pages. Some companies may want to have accounts dedicated to contacting customer support, while other companies may use accounts to interact directly with the customer to launch targeted virtual campaigns. Diversifying increases the success of your business by increasing the accessibility of your brand.
Branding is an essential component of your online marketing strategy. To learn more about incorporating branding into your digital marketing strategy, contact Next Level Media Crew to schedule a strategy call today.

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