How Web Design Can Help You Build a Strong Brand Identity

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Today, when business owners work with web design services, they’re asked a lot of questions about their brand identity. It can be overwhelming to consider everything your website is communicating. At the end of the day, a great website can build or break a brand identity. We’ve put together this guide to make real sense of how your brand identity shows up on your website.

Your Branding Makes the First Impression

We talk about first impressions a lot in business. We consider the clothes to wear to a meeting, business card designs, firm handshakes, and physical storefronts. Today, we even think about our zoom backgrounds and what they tell people about us. It’s this same kind of mindset that applies to the brand identity of your website.

If a customer walks into a generic storefront, they may glance around and walk back out a few minutes later. When they leave, they won’t remember much, and they won’t make any point of coming back. Alternatively, if they walk into a well-lit space with colorful walls and interesting products, they’ll stick around. In fact, they’ll remember the shop and are more likely to return or recommend friends check it out.

How Web Design Builds Brand Identity

A physical storefront uses color, furniture, products, and the tone of its employees to create a brand identity. You expect a fast food restaurant and a steakhouse to feel different when you walk inside. Interior designers work on these spaces the same way a web designer approaches a website. A business website uses color, fonts, imagery, functionality, word choice, and overall style to create a brand.

All of these elements in your website come together to communicate your company’s values and the experience you offer. They build your brand identity. Is your business silly and fun, or is it serious and to the point? The answer to this question impacts the color choices for your brand.

Branding Versus Brand Identity

We understand that branding and brand identity sound like the same thing. It isn’t always important to differentiate these terms, but when it comes to your web design, it really is. Your branding efforts are all the elements mentioned above, like color and font choice. Your brand identity is the idea behind them.

It’s important to understand that this is why highly experienced web designers will ask you questions about your company values. Your brand identity impacts the branding choices, which will then show up in the brand image presented on your website. If a designer isn’t clear on your brand identity, what your company’s personality is, your website won’t match. 

Brand Identity, Consistency, and Why It’s All About Customer Experience

A customer goes to your website and sees orange and yellow designs, bright bubbly font, and lots of exclamation points. They come away with the impression that your business is fun, upbeat, and exciting. If they then go to your social media and see gray photos, monotone captions, and serious topics, they’ll leave confused.

The brand identity in this example is inconsistent. The customer doesn’t know what to expect or what the company is about. This has created an inconsistent customer experience and the feeling that the customer shouldn’t trust the business. A clear brand identity and a consistent experience is all about communicating with customers and creating a smooth experience.

How to Get Clear on Your Brand Identity

When you sign up for professional web design services, a designer will ask you questions about your brand identity. They can help you through this process. To prepare, you can ask yourself some questions about what your company stands for.

What makes your business different from the competition? Does your business have a mission or a personal goal that drove you to start it in the first place? How would you describe the personality of your business? 

5 Ways Web Design Services Communicate Your Brand Identity

Once a web designer knows your brand identity, they’ll make design choices to communicate that to your customers. They’ll be working to make the right first impression and really show off what your business is all about. But what does this actually mean in action? Let’s look at the kinds of choices they’ll be working with you on.

1. Color

There are different factors to consider when choosing colors for a brand. One of them is color psychology. People associate colors with moods. The color blue, for example, is often considered respectful, while orange reads as adventurous.

Your web designer will also consider the color choices of your competition. You may be able to use colors to help differentiate your business and make your brand stand out. There may also be considerations about what makes your product photos look good.

2. Font

Did you know that your font choice can impact the accessibility of your website? Typography, size, and color choice can make words easier or more difficult to read. Some fonts can also impact the usability of accessibility tools.

Fonts, like colors, also set an emotional tone that a quality web designer will take into consideration.

3. Imagery

Is your brand playful? For example, do you sell children’s clothing or party supplies? Then you may want to use fun illustrations as part of your website design.

Is your company an upscale restaurant? Then you might want a bold, professional photograph showing your top dish.

4. Navigation, Pop-Ups, and Other Functional Tools

Traditionally, most websites have a main navigation bar at the top where everything can be found. This is straightforward, expected, and makes sense to users. It conveys professionalism.

Sometimes, a business may be an innovator in their field. If you’re creating a website for an escape room, you might have some room to get creative with your navigation. And because customers want something unexpected and unusual from you, this may leave a great first impression. As with most of these design choices, the context and identity of your business matters.

5. Word Choice

A website for an outdoors photographer may use flowery language discussing the beauty of snow-covered mountaintops. A law firm may use large words and long paragraphs. A pediatric doctor’s office may use the word “tummy ache” while an adult doctor’s office will say “stomach upset”.

How would you like an employee to speak to your customers? This is one way to help think about the text used on your website.

It All Works Together

One of the advantages of taking the time to make elevated branding choices is that it’s not a one-off experience. Once you’re clear on your brand identity, you can give that same information to your advertising team. Your social media posts will be made to match.

The more consistency you can create for your marketing, the better your customers will come to understand your business. And that’s what all of this effort in design choices is really about, creating an experience customers can trust.

A great website can be one of the most powerful assets a business owns today. It’s a place where you can send online traffic to nurture leads and generate sales. A well-designed website can be the place your customers learn your brand identity and decide to trust your business. Contact Next Level Media Crew to schedule a strategy call for your business website today. 

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